emergence as operational procreative process or practice?

Photons might move very very fast, and that very quick movement, in the environment of space as we know on planet earth, operates together to emerge light rays and heat fr4om the sun. The light and heat, while emerging from the operation of photons and a certain environment, are operations that in and of themselves have their own unique properties. These properties, while being sequentially linked with photnic movement, are also with their own unique and independtly frictionable properties. The light rays can have frictions with stuff that can be engaged with on the light rather than photon frequency. – eg when people make walls, or plants emit oxygen. These further usages and emergences of light – as an example – might provide a requirement for the operation that sustains it. In that sense we have sequence rather than con-sequence. It might be that light, by being required by certaqin operations, is in itself propagating photons and the desire for their being in our universe? In the evolution of materials, it might be that we can at least imagine materials as being elements that fold quickly when nothing around them?

Perhaps it can also argued that imaginary elements are these that emerge in sequences made of collisions between material desires, negativities and time. eg, the persistence (time) of desire for light. This is a constant imagination that might be cultivated currently in our universe via photonic operations, however, the imagination is there all the time for light to Be?

I think the examples here are not very convincing – to say the least.. However, the notion of evolving and living – in a way – materials, a life that is further refined by sentient beings – is very interesting because it places non-central sequences as a way of practicing Being. A non centrality that keeps ptroving, in time, to be a way being might be. 1st they thought it waqs the migrant, I was’t a migrant. Then they came for the minority, and I wasn’t that either. This followed by power going for the socialists, but I am not political. And then they6 went for the sick, I was very healthy! Then they leaped on the vegitarians, and I was always vegan, so when they followed by carnivours, It was not me too. By then they went for the young, and I wasn’t young enough. Then they followed by going afer intellectuals, and I am not officially that either.. Well, by the time they came for me, no one was left to Not help me too..

In that sense, we tended to consider stuff like planet earth as the middle, and by religion and/association, certain places on planet earth to be in the all important centre or both cosmos and the planet. Then it became that the planet had no centre, but surely It was at the centre of the solar system. When it transpired the plant was not event that, the solar system was in the middle of the universe.. Similarly, the centrality of human life on the planet seemed to be central and all important, despote the fact that as time goes by, we can realise increasingly How exactly we are parts of sequences rather than be essential for life.. Indeed, if/when we fuck evething up, it is for us and a few other species, the planet will be fine..

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