the look of a show not show?

The uniformity makes me think that this:
is a show that attempts to perform a non show while being a performance that is not attempting to be performative but have to?
Everybody ecstatic?
Everybody holds same kind of flowers in both hands?
Everybody suppose to feel the same?
Everybody are not designated performers but “real people”?
Everybody moves and looks in the same direction?

Sporting events have similar mass performers shows, no? Olympics def. Its a bore for cultivating individual repression among a group while mistaking it for harmony. Harmony is when the overall dynamics allow individual expressions which at times produce sounds we didn’t know where harmonious in context. Harmony is a dynamic that can fail as well, its part of the drama, no?
Well.. Going back to sports events.. In these at least the performers are not pretending to be not performing..

Not sure why the itch..

Perhaps because am interested in infinity and i suspect that groups, nations, teams, institutions, etc., might have a sense of infinity for people. So is the idea of a “god”.. An infinity as in something that is of pure endless continum and can not be numerically valued. Something that one can be a part of and give – or devote – their lives for? Hence, for example, the hard time in accepting an end for somethin Thought of as an infinite, like the end of love?
In this case, I’d argue that perhaps Love doesn’t end with the end of a relationship?
Perhaps love continues in various forms – even intense hate and anger and pain. Love as in The is an infinity of desires between you and me. That infinity might be exercised in various ways, but I think, with the people I love – that even people I have not been in touch with for decades – there are still desires that are being fed there. Even with people who are already dead.
Since am not that special, am thinking that perhaps these kind of feelings are shared and not unique elements in me. Perhaps a unique sequence, but not elements..

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