an infinity as a life with death too?

Just a passing thought that itches:

If life has a value, an element that escapes numericalisation, can not be expressed in numbers unless it is a snapshot of that continuum, of that infinity?
If that continuum, that infinity is as such precisely as the value of one’s life continues pre-birth, during the after birth, and the after death in terms of stuff we do and keeps vibrating. (either as an individual, and/or a group)
That is not equivalent to Endless, but to knowing not whether or not another snapshot will be possible. Knowing not whether or not in the continuity there will indeed be another added N(number).
The other element is the continued ability to Be infinite. A music style might have Died 200.1 years ago, but elements of it might be picked up and “revived” – no? Precisely as a music style might have an element of being able to be infinite?

In that sense, I suspect that the more specific an idea/practice – the less chance it has at a long infinity. Might be a short infinity like the ashashin sect? I think its an intriguing example because their practices of killing are not with us, however the name has been abstracted into anyone who executes a plot to kill particular person?

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