infinity in manifestational art?

Its curious that when writing about some visual objects in this blog, morethanjustwine talks of “effects” of infinity. In other words, perhaps only my own whims, effects are manifestations – in these cases about ideas of infinities rather than Being artistic – or possible artistic – infinities.

Such manifestations are bound by specific objects, eg paintings, because they are Manifestational. By Manifestationalism am trying to point towards reliance on meanings, specific conveyance operations and effects. An operation that is directed towards making an effect of perceptual nature that is linked to cultural meanings of infinity.
That is very transcendental, no?

In that case, the simple idea of an infinity of Reals, and an infinity of Primes, etc. seems for me much more profound. I can visualize these, manifest them this way or another, share them as numbers sets, and write some algorithms with these in mind, etc.
All these precisely because a set such as 0,1,2,3,5,7,11,13, etc – does not need the specifity and the investment of, for example, a blue canvass, or a blue room and such.

However, why do we need to be bound by math?
Do we need to be bound by numbers for abstracts?
Can We not have illogical, dys-numerical, value oriented ways to do, for example, infinities? An infinite time? An infinite rhythm – These not as clocks or beats on drums to represent some ideas, but made of abstracts that can be in itself manipulated and – if fancied – to be expressed?

dis dat and dissing dysfiniteness?

It seems that perhaps there are

Finiteness – a sense of having some sort of an end?

Infiniteness – a sense of No end in sight – or indeed – no actual end?

Dysfiniteness – a sense of finiteness failing to Be unless it fails being an attempt to be an element in a continuum?
ie The sense of endlessness in infinite? The sense of an “ending” love? (the relationship ends but love’s infinity continues. Hence Dysfinite? The finite can not operate as a finite and continues to an infinity?)

Dysinfinitness – a sense of failing to Be infinite while actually having no choice in the matter? The sense that infinity operates as an end? Perhaps in the range of pretending to offer an infinity but doing so for a particular end? I make you believe its love, but all i am really with you for is security? I don’t desire to desire with your desire and desiring your desires – but am with you because i desire the sense of security you give. Hence, if I Get a sense of security, it no longer fails, its no longer a desire but a commodity. Its an End. A consumed item.
However, since all this comes with a sense – pretended or otherwise – of infinity, I think its fair to say that there is a transmission between the operation of supposed to be infinity to the non infinity of the actuality. Hence a sense of Dysinfinitiness?

an infinity as a life with death too?

Just a passing thought that itches:

If life has a value, an element that escapes numericalisation, can not be expressed in numbers unless it is a snapshot of that continuum, of that infinity?
If that continuum, that infinity is as such precisely as the value of one’s life continues pre-birth, during the after birth, and the after death in terms of stuff we do and keeps vibrating. (either as an individual, and/or a group)
That is not equivalent to Endless, but to knowing not whether or not another snapshot will be possible. Knowing not whether or not in the continuity there will indeed be another added N(number).
The other element is the continued ability to Be infinite. A music style might have Died 200.1 years ago, but elements of it might be picked up and “revived” – no? Precisely as a music style might have an element of being able to be infinite?

In that sense, I suspect that the more specific an idea/practice – the less chance it has at a long infinity. Might be a short infinity like the ashashin sect? I think its an intriguing example because their practices of killing are not with us, however the name has been abstracted into anyone who executes a plot to kill particular person?

the look of a show not show?

The uniformity makes me think that this:
is a show that attempts to perform a non show while being a performance that is not attempting to be performative but have to?
Everybody ecstatic?
Everybody holds same kind of flowers in both hands?
Everybody suppose to feel the same?
Everybody are not designated performers but “real people”?
Everybody moves and looks in the same direction?

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the being between an interval or

the being Being in the interval being between, for example – 0 and 2?

Lets go between 0 and 2.
Once we are there, we are in a time made for between 0 and 2. The time to be in that interval, creates that specific interval.
It seems simple, perhaps too simple:
To focus on imagining, or even wondering from being a Being between X and Y / 0 and 2 – we use time. Time in this instance is sort of significant because if we count, it is precisely a question of time.
Do we have the time to count all the possible numbers between 0 and 2?
I doubt.
A. we don’t tend to count all them numbers.
B. We Can not.
We can not count all the numbers because there are an Infinite amount of them.
In a sense, and I think it is a very sensual question of aesthetics, once we got into an infinity between X and Y / 0 and 2 – we got into time as well. Infinity as a question of time..

And so, I begin to suspect that by creating interval transmissions, its in a sense creating infinities..

Something I should get into more often and more critically..

from infinity and quality to too and 2?

Was checking stuff with paradoxes and landed on banach-tarski and the choice paradoxes.

These have to do with infinitude in general and particularly infinities within intervals.

Between 0 and 2 there are infinite number of real numbers. We can have a 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001, 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 and so on.
In fact we can have a 0.00~ no?
This is kind of counter intuitive to infinity because in this case we know the end/finite of the stories/narratives – its either 0 or 2. However, between 0 and 2 there are infinite realities of real numbers?

( kind of being reminded here of Gaudi’s Barcelona Cathedral and the idea of Many ways to get into god, manifested in the ways to go up..)

Going back to numbers.. Well.
From the interval infinity view, I think that it might be the “problem” with infinity is that we are talking about a quality rather than a quantity. The quality to be infinite, or to have the quality of an endless time between 0 and 2.
Infinity as the quality of Being countable without being counted?

From a transmission view, infinity then might be the link, the transmission between, the interval cross from quality and quantity and all the way back without ever getting back? 😉