dis dat and dissing dysfiniteness?

It seems that perhaps there are

Finiteness – a sense of having some sort of an end?

Infiniteness – a sense of No end in sight – or indeed – no actual end?

Dysfiniteness – a sense of finiteness failing to Be unless it fails being an attempt to be an element in a continuum?
ie The sense of endlessness in infinite? The sense of an “ending” love? (the relationship ends but love’s infinity continues. Hence Dysfinite? The finite can not operate as a finite and continues to an infinity?)

Dysinfinitness – a sense of failing to Be infinite while actually having no choice in the matter? The sense that infinity operates as an end? Perhaps in the range of pretending to offer an infinity but doing so for a particular end? I make you believe its love, but all i am really with you for is security? I don’t desire to desire with your desire and desiring your desires – but am with you because i desire the sense of security you give. Hence, if I Get a sense of security, it no longer fails, its no longer a desire but a commodity. Its an End. A consumed item.
However, since all this comes with a sense – pretended or otherwise – of infinity, I think its fair to say that there is a transmission between the operation of supposed to be infinity to the non infinity of the actuality. Hence a sense of Dysinfinitiness?

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