the being between an interval or

the being Being in the interval being between, for example – 0 and 2?

Lets go between 0 and 2.
Once we are there, we are in a time made for between 0 and 2. The time to be in that interval, creates that specific interval.
It seems simple, perhaps too simple:
To focus on imagining, or even wondering from being a Being between X and Y / 0 and 2 – we use time. Time in this instance is sort of significant because if we count, it is precisely a question of time.
Do we have the time to count all the possible numbers between 0 and 2?
I doubt.
A. we don’t tend to count all them numbers.
B. We Can not.
We can not count all the numbers because there are an Infinite amount of them.
In a sense, and I think it is a very sensual question of aesthetics, once we got into an infinity between X and Y / 0 and 2 – we got into time as well. Infinity as a question of time..

And so, I begin to suspect that by creating interval transmissions, its in a sense creating infinities..

Something I should get into more often and more critically..

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