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or an imagination?

When I was a child, there were no death camps made by Nazi germany. No. There were stories, recollections, memories, lives saved, bitterness harnessed, culture elaborated and evolved of extermination camps. However, the only element as far as people around me were concerned that bore similarity to death camps – is the word “camp”. And perhaps, as a child, in my mind, the idea of camps as a sort of summer fun activity places. Perhaps as a slightly older person, the camp/s is still a link, of a geographic-imagination nature.

The deadly activities that were practised so dedicatedly by Nazis and co, that congregated in Auschwitz, Treblinka, Maidanek, and the likes, could be called and linked to via various terms that could be said perhaps to have their own language.
This, in my view, is a language that attempts a description by humans.

Such a language, that’s focused on human perception, is not my current interest in the search of death/extermination camp’s own language.
My interest is in fact to have the search, the IF and its sequence, the makes the being of, for example, Treblinka.

Treblinka in and of itself. Its sequences, its rhythms, its sensuality. How is it to search life – to be – Treblinka.
Or to live as Majdanek..

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