the if of then-lessness in a + b?

Language imagination is, I think, or in my mind, is a fascinating topic/subject/process/practice to be involved with. The article here attempts to report a current debate about language and mind – however it seems (or perhaps the studies as well, have not read them so clueless) to focuse on a sort of if – then […]

flow github in browser pulling commits

Just had a quick look at – the actual webpage, not the tool. The language they use, the terms are in a very different english to the one I kind of have a better clue about. This is a sort of githublingo, I suppose. So to get into the tool, I’d have to get […]

the fabrica/cafe/network/investigation operating system #1

* the language of art PERHAPS the focus on language development is actually appropriate here as a link between timeless developments and new sensitivities such as artists doing languages..? * the links to I Art English * the gallery as a system for focusing on Art. * How do we respond with that system to […]

i like the fact #english is no…

i like the fact #english is not the only #language here. despite my very limited comprehension of other #languages