lightweight linux os – checking possiblities

Am looking at crunchbang and perhaps similar size oses with probably similar kind of limitations.. (eg puppy or salix or slax?) a page re overcoming some limitations:

javascript chat switch

There is an idea that tickles for a long time now. Its to do with unarticulated feelings. Maybe unarticulatable feelings? Anyway, am very unhappy with operating systems. I think they do not recognise networks, the fact that we are linked, and even the tools that consider themselves linked – are too static. eg basecamp, google […]

the fabrica/cafe/network/investigation operating system #1

* the language of art PERHAPS the focus on language development is actually appropriate here as a link between timeless developments and new sensitivities such as artists doing languages..? * the links to I Art English * the gallery as a system for focusing on Art. * How do we respond with that system to […]