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There is an idea that tickles for a long time now. Its to do with unarticulated feelings. Maybe unarticulatable feelings? Anyway, am very unhappy with operating systems. I think they do not recognise networks, the fact that we are linked, and even the tools that consider themselves linked – are too static. eg basecamp, google docs, etc.. They are kind of self contained and do not recognise the links between elements, the switches – or possible ones. eg, if i type a document, i want to click and make part of it a txt to a friend. click and blog that bit, click and send it to my phone, click and add a code, click and turn something into dna, click and do todo, click and get a bot searching to update, click and stream, click and later, click and idk..

The stuff i think might recognise networkabilities is actually Chat, imho. So am going to begin with chat and javascript because that’s best i kind of have a clue – js that is – and see where it takes?

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