the fabrica/cafe/network/investigation operating system #1

* the language of art

the focus on language development is actually appropriate here as a link between timeless developments and new sensitivities such as artists doing languages..?

* the links to I Art English
* the gallery as a system for focusing on Art.

* How do we respond with that system to artistic practices and sensibilities that were not there when fabrica began let alone the idea of gallery, even in its modern sense.. ( traceable to 50’s)

* Technology and gallery – eg the tv gallery experiments.

* THerefore I propose a research/investigation as to how an endeavour such as developing a possible OperatingSystem for artists – or artists in mind, can be done in a gallery context. Or might not. Indeed the investigation will question itself as to the very need of art based OS. (eg dyn) or that art requires a different approach for its interaction with computers, or indeed invent the new ways of operating perhaps without a system. (Seems to focus away from the gallery.. hummm..)
Also there is the issue of a language creation rather than operating system or switch..

Perhaps focus on sensitivities and gallery?
Perhaps the network and the local?

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