raspberrypi and cultural banana skins in pi?

There’s a new raspberry pi like board coming up. Banana pi – apparently. More expensive yet faster than Raspberry pi board pimped by a company that seems to hail from china.

It seems like the might have a different idea about the whole board computing wave thing than the raspberry pi crew. Where as the R-Pi foundation is a charity, the banana team seems more of a business venturing to profit for its own. More over, I also wonder who and how the boards are being manufactured and whether the business will take care of the workers.. It seems like r-pi has at least tried to source materials in a way that will cultivate lesser abuse.. (..abuse is intrinsic in 0 sum environments and capitalism is one of these..)

..or, as it initially seems, the banana pi company figures its all about the profiteering and money is just fab..

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