quick notes re going to Majdanek today

These are going to be very quick notes/lines indeed.

People are waiting for me, but I just realised that have spent the better part of the morning making myself ill.. am just post toilete..
had a bit of a panic/cry as well..

Seems like thiws should be written despite the fact ppl wait – and because this is before visiting the place..


fearlessness common sense flat-earthian


A new gun designed for women has just been launched.

The name, and supposedly, motivation, was/is a rape in delhi that shocked the world.

So.. In a capitalist mind:
humm.. we have a problem, some guys rape women.
* are we going to tackle this culturally? (eg delegitimisation, cultural practiced forms of rape, cultural sequences that help facilitate rape, and mind sets linked to that, etc..)
* are we going to deal with this socially? (eg education, police listening better, social organisations, etc..)
* are we going to face this economically? (eg poor women tend to be raped more, economic deprivation are raping mentality..)
* are we going to help ridding our society from rape politically? (eg making it easier to prosecute, report, and better legal definitions, etc..)

In general, are we going to face rape in a way that could actually make a change on our lives on multiple levels?

Or, are we to embrace selling guns to women who can afford, igniting a need for rapists to get some “protection” as well, and as the factory/gun-pimping-guy seem to convey – feel self satisfied to have done something positive.

With his common-sense logic, eg if she had a gun this wouldn’t have happened, it reminds me that by common experience ans sense – the earth is flat..

In this way, in effect, we can open the door to the non-common, un-common, senses. The senses, desires, sensualities that form aesthetics that fly beyond that of the common..?

lingo language ligacow links connections toungue licks artling?

a few links regrading art and reflexivity

An informative introduction to ideas and practices of reflexivity

a sort of critique

reflexivity in various social trajectories

not sure why

a reflexive tv art reality show?

this definition perhaps does not do justice to the link and line between reflexive and reflective?