calclulate into being – to be another one?

calculation doesn’t mean or infers being precise, at least in my view.
i think of it as a process of taking-account-of something.. like have you taken account – ie considered – the ants you might be killing on way to supermarket? or the measures supermarkets might be taking to kill cockroaches so we have cleaner food? or how many slaves might have helped producing your bread? or how many people might have died so we know which food is safe? or how people experimented upon for airplane crash rescue – specially from water – might have felt like? (perhaps when you board a plane and hear the safety advice..?)

in these senses, it is more taking account of..

So.. going back to prejudices and religions.. When people are told stuff like what would x deity do in y space-time? that is exactly when they are asked to bring the deity to life, yes?
However, when we deal with real stuff, like counting environmental effects of food transport, one of the difficulties is the numbers and their dryness, no?
Perhaps there is a need to say that not accounting for environmental consequences is just bad luck that could bring all sorts of un known negative/unwanted/irreversible effects onto people? ‘Perhaps, by ignorance induction we might ironically somehow get human life saving action..?
Or maybe am just lazy thinking here.. Perhaps since taking-into-account/calculations are aesthetics, the challenge is to have these sensed as they are rather than via what they have nothing todo with..?

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