chokeender plus kickstarter news – the not do fund?

Some time ago i had some ideas for kickstarter crowd funding that critiqued the practice. At least attempted to..
It has not been done because of time and perhaps other ideas seemed more interesting to develop at the time.

I recalled the idea this morning because another crown funding possible notion came to mind:
basically, to give people the opportunity to make me do Not some listed ideas by funding me to Not do them! That is how they can help the world!
eg – i will not do an artificial natural fingers that eat morrocan food, i will not do a jar that is made of membrane that feeds on the ingerients by the time they are off, I will not do a co2 molecule that links and recalls, making networking and sharing info a bio chemical process, neich tube – a lotion that helps your room walls to assist you finding niche markets via making them sensitive to wind info, cache art – ways to launch artistic imaginations cached in various ways (browser, weather balloons, air waves, furniture, etc. ), dna=skateboard the skateboard that creates new dna with concrete and tarmac, the sex wink – a new wink type that can cause only one thing, a singular clash ball – a banana that slowly becomes a ball that clashes with itself, the rhythmic electric socket – an e socket that becomes slower in time depending on the frequency of use and temperature history.

I’ll need something like £5k for the next 3 months and then neither will be done!! People could save the world from these. Else, if you want it, do not give money, but offer your support!!??

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