coco co coocoo corelation ismic?

Checked corelation on the dictionary.

Seems interesting the way that corelations might come about.

The word art has to Be,in english, when a is followed by an r that’s followed by t.
Once the letters come is that specific order – sequence – they are correlated for the purpose of producing the sound of the word “art”.
If we used the same set of letters and altered the order – perhaps not the corelational facts between the letters, to TAR or RAT – we get other sounds that happened to have un-related meanings.
Art, Rat and Tar are not related nor inherently or historically corelated. We can consider a time when the sound Rat meant a rat but the sound ART had no attached meaning.
now that these were pointed out – correctly or not – at least for the purpose of this note’s sense of being, there is – perhaps very limited – a correlation between rat, tar and art?

Is this a sort of corelationism?

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