pain and death fear?

According to Hilary Puntam’s computationalist manifesto a conscious organism is a probabilistic automata that can sense/feel pain. The pain bit is not the same as fear, but reminds me Hegel’s idea of fear of death – an end – as a kind of probable crisis that requires an awareness for probable extension of living time.

Am I making a correlation or a wave association? (eg, in the “family”.)

Anyhow, from that line of thinking, perhaps the following notes could be made:

* Capitalism, via computational approach that seeks to automate operations, relations, and socialisation – hence seeking political stability – finds it hard to alter unless there is a crisis. Unless violence touches it.
Hence, it might be argued that socially the people on the range-wave of anti to less-inclined capitalists are the ones that sense the wave between various pains and fears of social, cultural termination. (end of x culture)
They might be the “aware” elements in society, yet unlike the capitalists – un-aware of stuff Outside the social range. eg, How capitalism operates – hence help keep capitalism alive while being unable to rid us from it. Provide precisely what capitalism requires to be not just an automata, but an adaptable organism.
eg – the conscious bit was fighting capitalism for including all races, genders, sexes, religions, etc. – capitalism is slowly altering itself to adapt and by doing so, entrenches itself further.

* The turing machine sequences are finite at least in terms of time, material. That is perhaps the automation of destiny.
Once a person is on a certain loop of tradition, habit, sequence, etc. – then the probabilities are reduced to with a pre given X.
However, when a person challenges the traditions, habits, etc. – the sense is of free will, but in fact its an n addition of possible links, breakages, and elements which may allow new – yet-to-be-tried automation by the given organism/body.

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