communitybox imagination exchange for frankellinstine – art residency checking..

This will be the dump for relevant links..

seems traditional art stuff but will check:

minimal info but contact –

seems like a nice place but unsure if the term residence is of residency or “place of” as the translation from hebrew suggests.. lol

seem very Interesting + link with Upgrade.. However, they are in jerusalem.. wonder if this element can integrate with the idea..


these have art program but seem to be commercial?

they Had something.. should ask:

another jerusalem based art stuff –
—-should contact though..

a few possible links from upgrade.. all dead except |

these guys seem interesting.. will ask generally – – might have more art info??

should contact –

sent an email

Perhaps i should phone these people??

not sure but seemed to be linked – (nazareth? need to find out)

does this mean art residency has no hebrew – ??

will these guys be helpful?
(a bit political, but hey..)

a nice error from ru