distrust and the algorithm of love?

Can I love someone while distrusting them?

What do you mean – distrust?

Wow! An algorithm?

If you love someone, then you trust them – a simple algorithm, no?

Perhaps if stated slightly more like: When a person A loves a person B, then they must trust them. When person A doesn’t love person B – they do not trust them. More like an algorithm, no>

More like the common algorithm of love?

But is it really necessary to trust when you love?

What do you mean – trust?

Like say you love someone and they lied to you – wouldn’t you get hurt?

If someone lies, if someone actually manages to deceive you, that can happen with – or without – love. Right?

But isn’t the pain different?

Isn’t love and trust something different? Is it not to do with togetherness?

Like, I will not cheat on you?

Hold on.. What is it when you love a friend, a child, a parent, etc..?

What is what?


Is it not a question of trust limited?

Limited? Is your love limited?

Well.. Is it not that the love question is the universe of trust?


Is it not that we might trust is lover/child/parent/friend etc. that they love you, that will not abandon you? I mean, say your lover just told you that they came back from being a slug – will you trust they were indeed a slug, or would you not inquire something to the tune of A slug – what do you mean?

Is that the same as a love affair with god?

God? How did that come here?

The etc.?

The abandoned?

Father why have you forsaken me?

Is this not a moment of doubt that there was something that could forsake anyone – to begin with?

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