europe and the market ghosts?

Do you know the market ghost? Perhaps a ghostly monster is a better description, but do you know what I mean?
Am refering to arguments that deny possibilities for economic rights, freedoms and emancipation on the grounds that they might disturb the market. That forfeiting all debts, or building more housing, or making education free, or free internet/communication for all, or indeed the right to live economically dignified – are “bad” suggestions because the market will not like them and they will make stock gamblers uneasy. Another example is the state bail-out of private companies “too big to fail”. While states such as greece, are not “too big to fail”, companies collapse is more disturbing to markets gamblers, so to keep the monster at bay, we should elect to do as it, market forces, might please.

Recognise the argument?

Now, how does it link with europe?
Check this, when during the uk european referendum debate was the market ghost monster evoked? Brexiters say everything will be cool economically. Bemainers say that economically we’ll be fucked, however – they do not claim we ought not disturb the market! Suddenly, by default, despite claiming all sorts of economic hardships, the market forces will not be too disturbed, right? Despite the claims that brexiters economics are from coocooland, a similar place capitalists claim democratic economics come from, the market forces are not said to show their monstrous face, they are not the ones who should not be disturbed.

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