i am a constant immigrant, you?

With this eu referendum hoohaa, it seems that all sorts of dirt comes up. The immigration dirt is rather peculiar, isn’t it?
The lefties try to hummer statistics which show that immigration is in fact a benefit. The rightists fancy keeping the realm ruling, I suppose, hence we get stuff like: http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2016/jun/09/pm-urged-to-reopen-free-movement-discussion-if-uk-stays-in-eu ??

In my mind, I really do not understand the lefties, while agreeing with sentiments.
If immigration is fab – which i argue we are a living and evolving proof of, then why get bopgged by statistics and numbers that are bendable for ideologies?
Why not say:
Look, immigration provides us with More. Lets all share the more. eg, immigration can entail free housing, free education, a better nhs, etc. because indeed we have more and more to share.

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