europe and the sequence of constant bigotry?

There are many things I am clueless from and about. I can not understand how people can play ping-pong in the parks and streets of as windy city like brighton. I can not understand how come top-gear is ever so popular. Or how come people like to agree with one another – and these are just a few.. (which perhaps include an inability to understand people get upset by alternative usages of linguistics rules..)
Perhaps an addition to that list:
Last night the brexit camp head-honcho, Farage, claimed that its cool to say that european policies which allow migration of a certain kind – can harm women. Hence, by default positioning himself – and cause – as a “protector” women, and not “racist”!
By default he is saying that we live in a society that ACCEPTS women not as equals but as a needy part of humanity requiring special help. No?
Fancy living in a society which perpetuates inequality? In which groups require constant protection? If we have green people, pink people, men, dog people, river people – whatever people – constantly requiring protection, then some one, or some element, need to give protection. When there is such a sequence, a sequence of protection, we can not have equality by definition. Protection is, in this political and constant sense, seems to be a call for allowing violence by the protector to be legit. Mafia gives protection, from itself. Fascist regimes, from china, india, through to russia, and germany + italy in the early 20th century – talk about protecting rather than allowing people to be and be free.

Promised bigotry?
Check this:
Is it not the case that by talking of migration in the sequence of needing to keep social perception of most people needing help – ie its not racist am just concerned about women’s safety – is hypocritical???
Where are Farage and his ilk in UKIP or tory type troupes when feminist concerns come about? Which campaigns do they actively support, campaigns that actually interest and advance feminist and equality causes???!!! Or is it that only when immigrants are “perceived” to be involved, then Farage and his distorted euro logic head camp shows up?

What am I missing here?
Why is it that in reviews of last nights’ debates, people do not mention the bigotry that besets the brexit campaign??

Why is it that both brexit and bremain campaigns are represented by despicable charters and indeed defunct arguments?

Check this for a quick one:
Cameron fancies britain to thrive – not just survive.
So that is why the tory government is cool with 0 hours pay contacts, with selling off – rather than investing in – common assets from education through to health and culture? Or indeed, is this why the tory government fancies making people’s survival harder through cutting economic basic rights – aka “benefits” – despite evidence it might not help people thrive..????!!!!

OK.. a bit of a divergence..


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