exit brexit hysterically?

OK. So there was a referendum. The tory uber right ousted the tory right and the subject was europe.

There was/is a lexit element, no?

Sure. If we read the statement – see link above – they still call for stuff that happens regardless (eg resignation) and has nothing to do with how stuff operates. (eg elections.) However, will they continue to push for a left agenda?


But isn’t the point rather more complex than lexit or not? Is it not that the people who delivered brexit are said to be – not natural tories?

Natural labour voters?

Yes. Like the people from most of the north.. However, the point thing is, in my mind – that in effect they voted for right wingers but From a left perspective, no?

Could be. How can we tell?

Check the worries that were linked with immigration by the tories/ukip. Jobs, housing, education, health, transport – basic social stuff that was linked with immigration. ie why everything turned a bit stinky? Eu allows immigration, blah blah. yes?

Simplistic, but that seem to have been the direction.. Still not getting the point.. 😉

Sure.. I think that since the tories can not deliver better sense of safety in life, the left can use it as an illustration of how the right is misleading people?

What do you mean? Just sit and wait for tories to fuckup?

It does sound like it.. 🙁 I think that they will inevitably fuckup.. However, the question is how to expose them while not alienating people in the process. Saying, like a fair few people do, stuff to the tune of indignation and accusation – you guys voted wrongly, is condescending and alienating. Why do that?

Well.. People do make mistakes no? Even if they are poor..

Sure. But also if you are a southern middle class.. If you want someone to interact with you, are you going to lecture them? Are you going to accuse them?

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