sense nonsense and senselessness?

Does it sound nonsensical? “Sense nonsense and senselessness?”

Post brexit, some remain people try to “make sense” out of this referendum. Perhaps its sensual to try make sense, however – can it be nonsensical?
I think, brexit or not, when people face a sense of uncertainty, some un-known, yet-to-be comprehended, etc. – there is a tendency to try and make sense?

Make sense meaning – to understand?

Maybe that is included – but am thinking that its an attempt to give the not-yet understood – some kind of a name.. Like saying brexiters are xenophobes, or that they just can not understand, or that the poor poor people who feel fedup with the trap of being constantly taken advantage of – have been had again..

Perhaps not an understanding then.. 😉 Maybe making sense is more like making a plausible explanation for something that is utterly not yet understood?

I can go with that.. OK.. where was I?

Talking about stopping to make sense perhaps?

LOL.. Not this one.. However perhaps its an interesting example?

In what way?

That to stop making sense is an attempt to Not do something that senses – feels – needed. Just don’t do it! Does it work? Maybe occasionally – but not on a regular bases.. If I feel like making sense and just do not – it might be laziness, it might be other stuff and at some point I need to try making sense..

Are we not talking here about not making sense?

A critique of making sense.. Or questioning the ability to actually make sense when trying?

Now am a bit confused here..

Yes.. It sounds confusing.. However, if I do not know you, or someone, or some issue – how can I make sense without being prejudiced, or lean in a prejudiced direction?

Are you talking about: Hey, I do not understand why a person did something – perhaps its (place here a “reason”)?

Yes.. You see it a lot on the road, with driving.. People get relatively easy pissed off and jump into conclusions about other road users. Perhaps “prejudice” is too strong a term here?

Sounds a bit ott.. 😉

OK.. Lets’ get back to the road.. What if people didn’t jump into conclusions, but did more of: why did you do what you just did? Kind of approaches..

Is this not an attempt to make sense?

An attempt in that direction with the other person/people involved.

What if they didn’t get involved?

Exactly! If they didn’t, then I can not make sense other than – I know that I do not know.

Is that the only thing?

No.. We also know what we experienced the other person doing, or saying. So in case of brexit – i know they link immigration with jobs, housing and other stuff. But I do not know how, nor why.

Don’t you reject the link with immigration?


Is this not an ideology to give up if you don’t make sense with that rejection in mind?

Maybe… I think though that if I concentrate of the questions of the stuff that people say disturbs them – eg economy – then maybe sense could be made.. Who knows, perhaps if I went through the other person’s sensations, maybe I’ll make an immigration link as well.. I doubt it, but I doubt my reasoning too.. 😉

Why not say: hey, when you link housing to immigration its wrong! Housing, for example, is not affected by immigration given that there are only few immigrants that actually seek special housing, etc.?

Does it not feel condescending and not-really trying to understand when approaching with ready-made answers? How can you combat the right wing xenophobes that say – Hey, I understand you have a problem with housing. But you know – its the darn immigrants! Can you sense the difference..?

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