ghosts, ghostbusters and minstrels?

These kind of minstrels?

Maybe these?

or are we on this kind?

Hold on.. How did you get into minstrels to begin with – how about ghosts?

Are we talking these?

Kinda.. I think we talk the 2016 version as well. Semms like people find it rather entertaining, no?

Seems so.. Wasn’t the 1st one entertaining as well?

I think people thought of it that way.. Never actually watched.. Is it just due to my revulsion from hollywoodian money?

It could be.. But could it be something else?

Hummm.. What’s a buster?

Seems like getting busted is linked to getting bankrupt.. Kind of strange with the fact that rather well off people tended to enjoy having their bust in stone and bronze.. See what I mean?

Who are the ghosts to get busted?

I think its any ghost.. Is it not just sort of abstract ghosts? I mean, these guys will bust any ghost that comes along.. Right?

How do you know if you haven’t watched it?

So.. If the ghost happens to be that of slavery – ie the remaining memories of slavery – the lingering effects of stuff one fancies forgetting about.. Maybe not one but a culture.. These guys will come and bust it for people’s entertainment?

Geee.. This is kind of getting uber serious about this.. They just bust ghosts ffs! Do you feel the same re zombies?

Only ghosts of slavery?

Just mentioned obvious ones since its a part of contemporary us cultural life and death.. America though is full of ghosts though, no?

Haven’t defines ghosts though.. Have we?

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