an art freaky tricky wiki?

a site by the name of wiki art dot org.. what does it bring to mind?

What does it matter?

Am i going to talk about the name?

OK.. Wrong approach probably.. Just mention the interesting bits?

Humm.. That the site contains a fair few artists Not entirely in the western canon?

..Or that the list is in-fact just another canon proposition?

Why claim that? Is it not refreshing to find women?

..and artists from china and islamic caliphates?

Can be claimed that these are refreshing indeed.. However, is it not that artists – people mentioned – are still there because of power paradigm?

Hold on.. They don’t have early greek and persian artists.. Is that within power paradigm?

Perhaps not.. However, do we know why they aren’t there?

What we do know is that whoever is mentioned, was somehow linked to empire and power.. Where are the artists from Sudan? Or australia, etc..?

Are you saying they should have done all of the artists ever??!!

oh.. sure.. but is the site open for people to add towards some such universal compilation?

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