art as a sensation meditation?

In my 1st year at college, I tried many things.. One was a contraption made of a chair, a dripping bag of water and an invite for people to touch the face of whoever sits under that water drip. Am wondering why – why do I recall that “work”?

What is it that i didn’t like – was upset about – in that work?

It seemed too expressive?

Was it that it seemed meditative?

Isn’t art a meditation?

Like.. Say a painting about the british countryside is a meditation about naturality and urbanity?

Or like a play or a game might be in fact a meditation about their subject?

..or like a certain painting style is a meditation about say, human figure from a pointillist/cubist/expressionist/hyperrealist – pick your poison – perspective?

OK.. Got the point.. The work seemed conservative?

In that the subject was About and the About was meditation?

I think so.. In a sense, it attempted to be non-representational, to be ontological – one might say – but at the same time was indeed an About. Is it too harsh a critique?

If it isn’t too harsh – then why something lingers from that work? Why is it still memorable?

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