greetings, boss Seku?

I check basketball at times.
Sadly, today it transpired that a basketball journalist I read a fair few times – was taken by covid.
Seku Smith.
Had no clue about the person outside basketball. Turns out, Seku Smith was a rather special person. Noticed a story about him that keeps ringing in me, it’s to do with how he tended to greet other humans.
“How are you, Boss?”
That’s not simply being concerned about others’ well being, but adding a reminder of respect and that however they may be – they have a dignity.
That’s pretty cool imho.
I would like to ask you, any dear reader –
How are you, Boss?
However, it doesn’t roll out of me. There’s something stopping the thinking there. Something that feel awkward in an uncomfortable way.
It’s the Boss thing.
If someone calls me boss, indeed – if i ever met Seku and he asked me how i was with a Boss at the end – i’d feel a discomfort.
Boss reminds me of a hierarchy, of ruling over others and.. well.. hummm..
Could it come smooth as:
How are you, wonder?
Hi special – how are you?
Will humans not take it as ott and possibly too personal?
We could say Boss at someone we just met, but Wonder?
Maybe somnething more amorphous? Something like: Ace?
How are you, Ace?
Any ideas??