if bi.ble narratives have a no?

Recently have noticed that my mind pays attention to stuff like:
egypt bans exodus because they claim everyone knows god parted the sea
some controversy(???!!!) regarding a “real” jesus – ie one says there is a secular real, the other claims the real is not the real of the one that views it secularly, and my mind goes – but its just a story anyway.
another twist in the narrative of noah where a depiction of prophets over-rides freedom to depict something while charging people to view it, hence restricting others’ freedom, no?
Perhaps more intriguingly, despite the fact that these bans stem from areas and countries where the majority’s skin colour is darker in than simply tanned, the fact that the main characters depicting these narratives are from a lighter skin shade, doesn’t seem to bother the questions of narratives.
(This is an issue as I have met people who told me they could not believe in jesus because they were told his skin was, in their words – white – and it can not be that the son of god has a light skin..


For me there is a different question to bother with in this context..

if x

You see, in terms of logic, we can say that if a is smaller/less than b then we get y


with if search sequences, it seems much more arbitrary

if x

the x can be anything.
the recursion is based on a range of personal to cultural and back sensations and sensibilities.

one can say

if x(1)
(if x)1
if x if x if x if x if x if x if x if x if x if x if x if x if x if x if x if x if x if x if x if x if x if x if x if x if x if x if x if x if x if x if x if x if x if x

Unlike a logical statement we do not have an exact form to argue over, hence it can decent into a power-based play – theoretically.
In that sense, it resembles the questions of narratives, and in some ways this goes to show that I have not moved on. 🙁 For example,
if x as jesus being a prophet
if y as jesus being a god
if z as jesus being a story

However, what am forgetting that unlike the jesus story, or any other, the if is very near. The reminder of the if making is very much a part of the sequence.
Even if we made an IfNot x it would be a very visible and criticable part of the sequence, no?

However, we are still kind of seem to get stuck in the notion of power.
Say am doing if y.
What is there to check my if y from the if y point of view?
if y’s own sensation/vibe within a given organism/entity?
an entity might go:
if y? “oh, them must be x!”
if y? “how about if n?”
if y? if y? if y? if y? if y? if y? if y? if y? if y?
if y? if y bang if z? if (y/z:z/y)

or am i wrong?

i mean.. if we look at a finnobacci set 1,1,2,3,5,8,13, etc. – that too is dependent upon an entity that links with it as is if x..


not sure if am confusing more or less than confused.. or just fused? 😉

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