if [search] x [?]

if x
[once we are exposed to if x we encounter reading it, time(of reading), times(once,twice,etc), the linking(?) with other stuff we are encountering with, and telling about it.

Could be said that this is True to Any encounter. Yes. However, not any encounter is Made for that, and with that in mind.

An if search string is being made in this way Through being a search sequence.

A person can decide to not recall the encounter, and not count the reading, for example. However, that has just happened and gbecause if x is maDE of abstract sense of incompletNess – eg we need time to either accept the non then part, and once we do the range of if x opens up – eg if x if x if x if y, etc. – I think we can say that indeed there is a certain living sequence here that makes itself up. Living in the sense of generating new energy, new sequences. New rhythms..

is this a “law” or just what is happening?


am i describing some sort of an axiom..?

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