— if –?? x y not

if – x
– if – x
if – x
if – – x
if y
if y – –

now this can get pretty complicated indeed, and perhaps I should go through with it.. hower, now am interested in the / frictions..

What happens with stuff like:

if – x
if – x

is it / none?
is the a None that isn’t a 0?
is it a None that Is a 0 but not in a range?
If so – then why bother?
Perhaps the Friction is of a different kind here? (ie the sq root? as in:
if x2:(-)2 ? )

Or perhaps the sq root is not a friction? (I rather think it is.. But might be not of a range type friction.. However, this seems too algebraic, the sq root, it deals with numbers, not with an actual friction as the / range does.. Perhaps we need to get a different kind of friction here that is None algebraic?)
Lets see.. we have 2 x coming together at the same time and they are both the same as one another, an exact copy of one another – but more that one..
Perhaps what is happening here is that they are forming a none frictive link that offers a possible frictionless division in the future?
Perhaps this is the operation of –
de-linking link of none spacial but time only dimension?
in a sense this is like a link-interval operation because the link itself is on none and none will happen to It when undone?
hence perhaps its an (-/)of an x kind where x is n of numbers?


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