what might be the difference between links and frictions or

am i conflating again??!!

if –
if x
if y
if /
(aHAa!! i c.. friction is inside the link!! friction is the question of the link type no??)

if -x
if -y
we get [if -2xy0/yx] as the link is a bang that might come as xy or yx with a 0 determined friction.


lets say we have a link of:
if x-y (just to make life simple to begin with). The friction is in the – interval.
Hence we can have a friction of 0 to 1 range (pending on the size of x and y) when x is before y in the sequence.
to make the link:
[if x-y01/] no need for the yx anymore cos we know x is before y)

Now we can make stuff like linking frictions without x and y!! no?? check:

if 01/
if 0/
if 00/1/ (ie the 2 0s go boom and friction possible value of to1 is a single)
contrast with:
if 0/
if 24/
this will give an if frictive sequence of:
if 0/24/

so now we can have a frictive link of:
if 00/1/24/
its an elaborated interval indeed, but interval ARE creative precisely because they are elaborated, no?

—>> or should i not bother with such thoughts??

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