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imagine it and how the it works?

Yesterday in the supermarket they played the Lennon interpretation of Imagine. My head went, OK Lets suppose there’s no heaven.. ph! err, actually, I don’t need to – heaven in itself is a religious imagination dressed up/conflated with non-imaginary real..
Hummm.. OK.. He is suggesting that All the People live for Today?
wow! Hold on dude – All the people? As in everyone all together? How can I imagine that while not imagining oppression for the all togetherness?
But can I not imagine everyone living life of peace? Well, I do not actually need oppression in the peace bit because its a way of doing stuff that has a wide range. I can scream at someone and we as a society are still in peace. However, if am anxious about tomorrow and am imagining a society focused on todayIsm, then someone might – in my imagination – tell me off for being different..

However, yes, I imagined imagine, and it felt like an authoritarian and repressive kind of imagination..

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