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The internet is both a culture and a reflection upon culture. For most people though, the internet is, somehow unfortunately, Google. That is because search, or the practice of searching, is the opening into the increasingly dominant cultural mirror that is the internet.
Searching, the practice of using a query to find out how to evolve the idea of the used term, is in itself a language, a medium, an entity that is being manipulated for the benefit of the people that can control it. They can make stuff on the internet both visible, and invisible – and gain from it.

As a response to this state of affairs, Phil and aharon took up the challenge of Shadow Search and used the parameters to develop a search engine whose Materiality is Visibility and Invisibility – Narcissus.
In that sense, the visibile-ness of data is a constant question that is at the forefront, the details and the language of the searching practice.

Narcissus’s algorithm develops a question that is directed at both itself and the search maker – are you looking at yourself, at what you already know – or are you searching? This brings to the fore the effects of searching, once you’ve found data you like and is relevant – how can you imagine

Narcissus as a 1st. As a society of searching, we…

shadowspot – thames town, others..

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