link and #art?

Here’s a linking machine made from a perceived section of artistic linked history. You get to choose 2 images and the machine will link them. The machine has an algorithm that will make links, it requires links even when “there are none”. Does it imagine in links? does it not link just by making a visual connection?

If that visual connection, say the kind that connects via an algorithm that checks for similar shapes, is an historical event, does it not – in itself – become the link that wasn’t there?

Yo! Sure it is an historical link, by virtue of making it, however, will it stay for long?

Does it matter how long a link might linger?

The sensation of linking, of connection, is it not based on power?

Say i connected a to n in a flimsy way, simply because i fancy linking, since my mind is the link, should this link be shut down after my death?

Well.. Question is whether you fancy involving other people, no?

People. People! People? why only people? Maybe the link my mind makes will be fab for some species yet to be?

Maybe the link in your mind is only for yourself?

If for yourself, why not keep it, for yourself?

Why inflict a link on others? What about this linking machine?

What about it?

Does it not inflict its own connections upon others?

You don’t have to use it..

But its “there”.. Its in the shared-sphere already.. We can link to eachother having experienced making connections with that linking algorithm, right? So why a human made link might not be interesting, or should be kept to self?

Can you make your links interesting?


Via power?

Via intelligence?

Artificial, or otherwise?

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