imagining and imagining and yet a bit more?

Do you know people that go: i presume that X (something) is going to happen – therefore am going to do Y (something as a reaction, or linked to the thing they presumed is going to happen)?

Like my father?

Like the person that presumed they’ll have a job tomorrow and borrowed heavily based on that assumption?

Hold on, isn’t there another kind of imagining that relies on a sense of reality?

Which one?

Like the imagining that since I can use a plane, and have enough time and funds, I can fly to new zealand?

Yes, however listen to the time tense difference: since I have vs since i presume. Does it not ring in different tones?

Different rhythms?

What’s wrong with presumption?

Is it a question of presumption and wrong, or a mistaken perception of presumption?

Perhaps a mistaken imagination of presumption?

Like imagining the presumed is not assumed but has already been consumed?

Less cheesy, but maybe a bit like calling the presumed by its name rather than saying it is something else?

The presumed imagined as if it has already occurred?

But don’t we presume the next breath will contain oxygen?

Presume or take a chance? 😉

Is it not also a question of power?


Say I presume that I will have money to get that ticket to new zealand, and in the event, I don’t. However, if I have enough power, say to borrow money, all is cool, no?

Are you talking about a presumption or a calculated risk?

Are we saying that imagination is relying on un-imagined realities?

I think that maybe some imagination is. Is it not that what is claimed here is an independence for the very reality of imagination – no matter what it is linked with?

Did you say something coherent I managed to miss?

Nope 😉

Imagination has its own reality, if we lose that thread, we lose both reality and imagination?

If X is anything that is perceived as high up, and can actually be imagined bang in the middle of your body?

Like the sky is actually in the middle of your body?

How does it feel?

It feels?

Actually? Are we not imagining it?

Exactly, we actually imaging, no need for other reality, right?

Do we not have the reality of sky?

Nope, cause sky is just an instantiation of X. We can simply imagine X and then let that X be, no?

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