lol and death?

LOL and death? lol and DEATH? lol and death? lol und death? lolunddeath? death? death? and lol? lol? death? deathlol? loldeath? deathlolloldeathdeathlol death lol and? lol deatH? Lol deaTH? Death lol Lol Death? and?
Lol and death, death and lol – death death and – lol? lol and, death and, and? death lol – and? death and lol LOL lol Lol death? and? and – and?
and, and – and?
death and lol death and lol death and lol, dead and? and lol and death lol and death lol and death and lol and, and death? death and and, and and lol? and?
death and lol and?
lol and death and?
and lol and, death?
and lol and – death?
lol and death. and?

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