an M monster of the hill?

..ok.. so a person is not going up a hill because they are scared of a monster.. say i was with that person.. could it be possible to ignore that fear – or will i be forced to deal with it?

hold on.. that person.. the one who’s scared of monsters of hills – how do they deal with the fear?

does it matter?


how they might deal with the fear, and your possible relations?

hummm.. suppose we were on some other madeup stuff.. say how we consider exchanges.. don’t we have hill monsters there?

rubbish! with the economy, we know that if we have certain conditions – for example more supply than demand – then prices go down.. These aren’t madeup monsters.. Surely?

Unless that is considered as an un recognised interval?

Where is an interval?

Think about it.. When a person says: If X, Then Y.. Do we not get an interval between the if and the then?

hummmm.. a link maybe?

exactly.. its a link, like a bridge, only once it is already there, no?

..or presumed to be there?

yes! once this is an unquestioned interval.. an interval that is already taken to be of a particular link – do we not get a corruption?

..or a possible corruption?

if unquestioned..



LOL! have i not just now posited an if-then without questioning..?

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