Is this a kind of Nomalism?

Perhaps it is in a way, however, in my mind at the moment, it isn’t because the question of categories is a bit murky in my mind.. Well, the question of categories BEING THERE, independent of our categorisation, is a bit questionable, in my mind.
Hence there is no claim here for and of universalism, or universality, at the most, its Universal-ability, and as such: an ability that is being questioned by the collisional practice in the way links are made, how frictions are maintained and what kind of power – if any – they require.

This is not a verdict on the ontologicality of abstracts and universals, but using the abstracts’ ability to share and being shared – regardless of their being. Indeed, they might not be, but conjured via sharing? IDK
This is a practice of imagination from imagining imaginational senses, imagining How imaginations might be in and of themselves, and evolving from themselves.. (..a line that could, perhaps should, be better phrased..?)

> A = 0.000000001 to 736053083853.750000000

I gave this a very low imagination score because it isn’t very imaginative, nor radical in its’ non-imaginativeness but a continued well travelled tradition aimed at keeping tradition traditional.
However, this is my view only – which I think the equation mitigates for..

In terms of embodiment, hell, religions are embodied like a mad naked person in sibiria’s mid winter looking for some clothes..
Hence the embodiment number score is high and has some relation to imagination, based on my personal low opinion..

I x E = 1010.010201000 in this case.

The frequency number was made of number of links (unknown really, but pretty numerous, so used the embodiment number) divided by days since year 0 | 3.000303000×10¹⁵
10000101 x 735978.75 = 736053083853.750000000

I think its fair to say that the range of art: 0.000000001 to 736053083853.750000000 has a reflection on centrality of religions in human lives in general and perhaps somehow for christianity in particular.
However, the high number of Frequency has a story to tell, a story made of power because its a frequency issue. (how come x is allowed to be so very frequent in a given society. What makes a given society to practice X in a high frequency..)

0.000000001 to 736053083853.750000000


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