questioning and an how with brexit in mind?

How immigration in voters’ minds links with nhs, education, housing, jobs and other – non immigration bread n butter politics?

    “voters’ minds”?

    Any better way to note that the immigration concerns, as a person being concerned about it – seem honest and i think deserve respect. however, i also think that a reciprocal approach is valid as well. ie the concern that it could be that the focus on immigration is a symptom rather than a cause. Specially since i’d like to respect people’s self assertion claiming there is no racist intent. Is is a view that might open up a fearless discussion?

EU money doesn’t buy love?

Brexit welsh with 2 mid fingers up to labour?

An elite member views on a “working class” revolt?

Another polemic re why choose brexit?

No income – or not much of it – no europe?

Voters for brexit get the bregret pill?

A brexit explanation quicky?

    Sounds like the quicky is based on stuff like this and that?

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