brexiters and bremainers unite?

Politics again?

Should stop it really – but here’s an itchy idea.. There’s this 2nd referendum petition. yes?

The one being investigated for fraud?

Yes.. The same one that started by a brexiter.
I think why not have a 2nd referendum indeed – but for different reasons?

Reason? Are you not just being a sore loser?

Perhaps, but maybe not exactly. Say I voted to leave because i rather fancied the idea of 350 million to nhs per week, and/or control over immigration.. Lets assume, i think a fair assumption, that a fair few people voted leave hoping for a delivery of such promises?


In that case, will a brexiter be a winner or loser when realising the promises were not to be delivered?

Based on the link?

No.. There are others, and more.

So.. What are you say?

I think that there might be something here that unites – or could unite – most people involved. The issue of honesty. If people voted for a given choice, however will not get that choice which was promised by words, repetitions, failures to deny, images and un uttered implications – are we not all entitled for a 2nd, a more honest referendum?

Not exactly. The way things work, we have general instructions given to politicians – and they are free to interpret these..

Yes.. That is in general elections, with the idea of replacing politicians that might have not delivered on the general instructions/promises – using the next elections.. A referendum might be different in a sense that there is no follow up to critically check politicians?

hummm.. but you are just suggesting a follow up, no? 😉 don’t you have a better reason?

I think perhaps a better, and more unifying reason for a 2nd referendum might be that we can think of referendums – if not general elections – as some sort of contracts. We make a specific agreement – do we want to be in or out of eu? If we are out of the eu – then we get XYZ. and if we are in – we get ABC. That is an agreement, a contract, no? If i give you a pound, you give me X cup of coffee, and if i give you 2 pounds, you give me Z cup of coffee. We have these sort of contracts constantly, no?

Go on..

So if we think of the referendum as a specific kind of contract, one which is being broken for the side that has “won”, why not have a 2nd where the premises are deliverable?

Are you saying that leaving eu is not deliverable?

I am saying it is yn deliverable in the way it was promised. Would a person that fancied extra cash for nhs voted out if they knew that cash will not be coming?

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