an eu referendum farce comes to the fore?

Suppose the referendum was done as a farce to deal with tory inside divisions..?

Then it would have been a charade, no?

A Charade, a farce – lets not focus on these meanings now.. What seems to perhaps get clearer is that the referendum was ill thought of – perhaps because the focus was on the tory party in fights, rather than the question at hand – should britain be out or remain in the eu?

Ill thought? There was a parliamentary act to OK the referendum, no?

Yes.. But what did they think might happen if people voted to leave? How could a house of commons and the lords OK a Leave referendum while being against the exit?

Can they not just rubberstamp the leave decision?

Theoretically they could, but then that could undermine the sovereignty of parliament, the operation which enables the parliament to be independent and pass laws that rule and are subject to scrutiny – if they undermine that basic tenet of uk constitution, will the rest not be affected?

A long speculation..

Perhaps.. They could say this is an exceptional case, I suppose. However, once we get exceptional cases, they can become a norm.. In that sense, perhaps its a learned speculation?

Do they talk of making exceptions?

I have not heard of that. Have heard stuff like these 6 genius ideas.

Oh! Sounds a bit reassuring. This way or the other they will halt brexit in its tracks!

I am for remaining, but not via power and coercion. This is short-termism. You can get the remain despite the referendum, but piss enough people off along the way that will cause further strife, violence, frustration, and who knows – can it not be that ukip might say: elect us and we’ll do the referendum’s bid? Not just that, they can then pose as both democratic and against the elite establishment.. Is this too far fetched?

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