work, work – a job for?

Wondering – who might I not do a job nor work for?

A job?

As in something short and specific to be done.

A work?

Might be specific or general in nature, but on a relatively longer terms than a job. eg, not specific end date..

Hold on, will you be fine working in China? Saudi Arabia? Daesh-land? (aka islamic state..) Russia?..

Perhaps there will be difficulties working in these places.. Does it mean its a question of who and where?

Hummm.. Say you just got some funds/money – will you consider working in the USA, Morocco, White Russia, India or Eritrea? (the list can go on rather long..)

Probably not.. Whats’ the point..?

Say you were starving – or there about – will you work in any of the places you just refused, or for some libertarian capitalist cryptocurrency start up, google, apple, twitter, square, slack, the tory party, or some other pseudo or full blooded capitalist organisation?

I am starving.. hummmm… Perhaps in that kind of time, i’ll have to prioritise?

Sure.. However that also means that the question of work has not just for whom and where – but also when.. What if you got a job for some military entity – but was able to use it for attacking that organisation later on, or plant a bug in their system?

ok.. i see the point.. its not just a question of when, who and where i might work – but also how…?

What about why?

Why what?

Why work?

Thought I was kind of starving, no?

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