should i go to check sarah lucas stuff in whitechapel art gallery or

is it that i have already made up my mind? or the real question/s is very different?
Seems like my mind is kind of into the spectacle in art at the moment.. (oor art-linked stuff as i like to utter..)
There is a certain sense, i think, in which reflection in art is kind of at least thematic if not central or constitutive. The art gesture is reflective upon itself and on society/culture/politics/etc.. I looked at the images from the show as they are on the whitechapel gallery website.
I can see what she is trying, at least in part.. I’ll show you references to bodily bits – many are not in them selves – but you, the observer, will fill in the gap. The humour in the fact that you fill in gaps in a very sexualised way, while knowing the materiality has nothing to do with it, is a reflective show of how people do this stuff daily. The focus on that in a gallery setting makes it into a spectacle, an over used and ott practice that me the artist uncovers..

Do I need to Be there in order to Get it? If the show is about the showing, and spectating the visual effects that gain values via contexts and can be fairly reasonably understood – why not contemplate that, or spectacularise that in itself? Why do I need to bother going all the way to whitechapel art gallery? Will it not be more interesting inthe Market at Elephant & Castle, or the market outside the gallery? ..Or some other place/s?

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