still on and pessimism’s negative

name bordering with censorship?

Normally, when I hear Optimism, am feeling that something must Be wrong, missing, misleading, or any other sorts of negatives…
Optimism frightens me.
Pessimism in my mind, comes as a possible reality that is mixed with a sense of disappointment.. As if the pessimism would have liked to be, or was, a bit optimistic – but then got burned by that ism to the extent of being dissapointed.. (wish it was X – but alas, it is Y..)

Here, it seems that stuff like:
The first three talks this morning have been optimistic. We’ve heard about the promise of big data, we’ve heard about advances in emotions, and we’ve just heard from Fiery, who very cleverly managed to find a way to leave before I gave my remarks about how we’re understanding something deep about human nature. There’s a risk that my remarks are going to be understood as pessimistic but they’re really not. My optimism is embodied in the notion that what we’re doing here is important and we can do it better.
Takes optimism and pessimism to different levels, to sort of ideologies. You should be optimistic, else people will think negatively of you?? WTF??

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