terror terror on the wall, who is

a terror terrorist of them all?

It seems that the term “terror” and being a “terrorist” is kind of universally taken as a tag people rather not have. RAF were soldiers of red army faction. ANC was designated as a terror organisation by people opposed to it, not its members. Al Q isn’t calling itself a terrorist organisation/network. Indeed, I think its fair to say that political extra judicial and violent groupings that are being designated by states as “terror” groups, tend nowadays to disown the terrorist tag, and use it for tagging armies and other violent extra judicial – or otherwise – state run and financed groupings as “terror”. Hence activities by Saudi, Turkish, Russian, American and other states that resort to occupational violence, are being labeled as “terror”.
What each violent operator seem to share is a dislike to be called a terrorist, and an inability to commonly define the activities which warrant the term terrorism.
Is it not?


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