testing if


y abstract?
quality, a concept, an idea, or maybe even an event.

aq = abstract of any quelity with the quelity of aq

aq = a generalisation of any sort of arbitarrary couplings of letters to abstract

aq = concrete abstract of being aq.

the absrtract = creative
the gen = manifestive
the conrete = reflexiv

.w. = an abstraction of any quality to do with wonderment
<.w.> = a generalisation of wonderment-like qualities
>.w.< = a concrete abstract of being wonderment as a w (.w.) = the quality of wonderment to be an abstract, a generalisation and concrete sense of wonderment. (this rivals with .w. no??) manipulations -->
->|-< etc. --- now i can take (.x.) and --> of (.w.)
and a
^*^ of (.x.)
to be
and somone else:
and otherone:
(F) as xw
and –^– as all ^* and –> ops
to make:
and another person might argue:
not F but f
or neither but needs to maintain xw|wx
and another one might go:

We can alsdo have:

>^|–>< ? of var sensations within: (.w.) -->|– <.w.> >.w.< ? --- proposed on xyz.xyz? prtop ccc op prop ggg in xyz.xyz - if xyz.xyz? if - rers ? res ^ (diff res) --- if /~\ - sensationsal sensations as operators since quality - how is it felt? e.g. move/frequency? smoothness? hardness? etc.. th0oughtfulness?? ways of thinking/conceiving X moral quality social/political etc. qualitative quality eg quality of quality will be .q. <.q.>
>.q.< (q) all together??

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