the howl of a strawberry time?

Was attempting to think about brutalisation recently. So kind of naturally veered off into Beuyes’ and I like america and america likes me. With the coyote being as a Being of resonance from past and into the future of a violence america/usa has not actually consciously interacted with.
The violence of the colonisers brutalised them as well as the entities the aggression was directed at. The brutalisation is a process that goes all ways, in all directions, and once a society learns to do stuff through its violence upon others, we get the same violence being institutionalised?

Well.. this might be one way to approach brutalisation and i like america.
Another way that coyote symbol and american violence seems to resonate, is via the regime of copy rights. The howling of coyotes longing to live without being someone else’s game part is the sound I get a sense of when copy is used as a right to restrict. (Indeed in this Orwellian discourse restrictions come as freedoms while they offer limitations for everyone involved. Is that a kind of brutalisation?)

In some ways though, getting a a screen like the one bellow, makes the Beuysian ideas, somehow prophetic? (in the way prophesies point at timelessness if not infinities too..)


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