trustness and gmo?

the sensation of trust?


and gmos?

did you know putin aka russia bans gmo?

don’t you like russian food?

can you trust putin/russia when they say stuff?

is it not more of a question – can you Not trust russia in its current form?


Say you have some questions, is russia open enough to ask?

is russia transparent for questioning answers?

can you speek russian?

say you found stuff to do with food that you think is a bit suspicious, without knowing russian – can you investigate?

say you hired someone to investigate in russia – will they be safe?

khold on.. say putin wakes up and decides to make russia open and transparent and make stuff in accountable ways – would you not trust them?

such measures will be the end of russia aka putin, no? 😉

is it not interesting that there is an economic impact at the heart of being – or convincing people of being – open, fearless and transparent?

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