a bit of a debt beat?

Seen the debt movie?

Interesting, did you know debt is linked to both sex and habit?

Debt movie? This one?

This debt?

Ahhh! Nope nope.. Its this debt..

Are you sure there aren’t any others?

Nope.. Not sure.. But, have you seen it?

Think I have seen a fair few debt films.. Perhaps there’s a “debt cinema” out there to be pontificated upon?

Hummm.. yes.. might be interesting.. why cinema though.. why not debt algorithms? or debt games?

Debt mathematics?

More like this debt maths paper probably?

Debt art?

Are you saying that we didn’t mention artistic debt so far?

Are you saying math debt is art?

Might it not be art?

It might not – but am not sure the http://artanddebt.org/ is indeed art.. Looks more art by name rather nature – no?

You mean debt imagery?

Yes.. Imagery confused as art?

Can we go back to the film?

Are you sure its needed?

Perhaps some other time?

Other time can be the next line, no?

Depends which time sequence you are looking at, no?

You mean the sequence of this post as a single time, and another post as other sequence?

Yes.. Should I have said time frame?

You could have said – but then the question might have been: is time framed??

The film?

Maybe we should watch and then chat it?

If we say that we’ll do that, might we owe it? Are we getting into some sort of a debt?

No.. We can change minds.. Its a choice not an option.. I mean, if I do not watch the film we could still discuss it, right?

I think so.. Agreed?

So.. But.. Why not now?

Maybe because this post is already too long?

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